Mundo Maya

Study Spanish in San Jose Peten, Guatemala and help local comunity to life a better life, preserving local culture, identity, and natural resources.

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Study Spanish. Make Impact.

Your way to profficiency in Spanish leads through Guatemala.

100% language immersion

We will meet you at your level and take it from there using Spanish language only. And all the instructor are all trained for teaching Spanish as a second language.

Impact on local society

Studing in Guatemala you help us mantain and promote our culture giving development opportunities for our community.

One teacher - one student

You will get your private tutor, who will take care of your individual needs and priorities. Programs include all study materials.

Our Program

100% language immersion with your one 2 one tutor 5 days a week.

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  • Every day at school

    with your personal tutor

    We beleve that every day hard work bring the best results for your language skills. Working with your personal teacher is out way to profficiency.

  • All profficiency levels

    Teachers with certificates

    We will teach you all aspect of moder Spanish language: conversations, pronunciation, grammar, idioms and lecture of Guatemala and Central America.

  • Proffesional teachers

    With certificates

    Many of our teachers have degrees in other fields like law, engineering and accounting. All of them are trained for teaching Spanish as a second language.

  • Good prices

    Write to us to check out prices

    Guatemala is very attractive destination also because it's proce competitivness. We know your student budget will like it.


Hostel & Familly Stay. Choose what you like more.

Living with a local family is a very special experience. People of San José are very friendly, generous and welcoming to visitors, but if you prefer to stay with your friends from school you can stay in our exclusive student guest house.

  • Our Guset House

    The hostel has beautiful and comfortable Bungalows with tropical hammock. We provide clean Linens, blankets and towels.

    Our exclusive Student Guest house is open for 5 days to students who takes Spanish tuition $40.00 per week. The Guest house is joining by a group of student from different part of the world. With a fully – equipped Kitchen; where you are welcome to do your own grocery in the local market and cook for yourself.

  • Familly Stay

    The traditional immersion approach living with a local family can be a very rewarding cultural experience. For $65 a week you will get a private room, share bath and all meals.All homes are located near the school. Accommodations are modest but comfortable.

    Many students find their home stay to be the most rewarding part of their studies. Staying with a family can give insight into a different culture, and a different way of life.

Happy Students

We’re Trusted by Over 1 000 Students.

"It was a wonderful time. The school was very well organized and welcoming - very personal. It didn't feel like a business, I didn't feel like i was a client; it felt like a friendship. Because that's what it was - a friendship. The small village was a wonderful contrast to bustling city of Antigua. The immersion into the language and culture of Guatemala was amazing."

Jameson B., London

"As a Spanish teacher, who has both studied and traveled throughout most of Latin America, I was very pleased with my experience at the Mundo Maya Ecological Spanish School. Our hosts helped us to understand the Mayan culture through our visits to popular tourist sites, like Tikal (only one hour away) and lesser known sites in the area."

Daniela B., Boston

"I could probably go on forever about how amazing San Jose, Peten and Mundo Maya are; The beautiful lake, the friendly people, the caring host families, the little shops, and the extremely friendly and personable teachers. Just thinking about it sends a rush of emotion through me. Even months after staying in the town, attending the Mundo Maya Language School, I often think about my host family."

Sam L., Berlin

"Being immersed in the language and the culture for just the short amount of time that I was there- 2 weeks- had a noticeable effect on my ability to communicate with others using the spanish language. The wonderful teachers, hands on activities, and beautiful view from the school set for a great and natural learning environment and I would highly recommend it to anybody."

Yasmin N., Toronto

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Mundo Maya spanish School is in San Jose, a quaint town of approximately 3,300 residents. San Jose is situated in a landscape of majestic hills, with many fruit-bearing trees lining the northwest riverbank of lake Peten Itzá. Greatly influenced by the Maya culture and architecture, a majority of San José’s inhabitants are of direct Maya decent, and a few speak Itzá, the Maya-Itzá native language.

Greatest of all Classic Mayan Cities Tikal is located 1 ½ hour by road from San Jose. In this remote area, one of the greatest civilizations of its time established a city that endured for centuries.

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